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Weekly and Quarterly Connections  


Hope International Ministries has a strong commitment to weekly connections with youth in Latvia. We believe that to impact lives for Christ, you have to meet people where they are at. So, with that in mind, we have many programs that continue to invest in youth on a weekly bases.

Quarterly Retreats 


Get away weekends and accountability is vital to the spiritual grouth of teens. It also helps in developing lasting relationships with both the leader and God.  Each quarter, we take a mid-size group of both young men and women on a long weekend away to dig deeper into God's word and to help them to understand what plan God has for their lives.

Discover Club 


Discover Club is a weekly program where teens come to Light of the Gospel Church to dig deeper in the Bible and to have fun with other youth that are learning what God has for them in His word. Discover Club starts to build an accounability with other teens and a mentorship with the leaders. From this group, we are building our next group of leaders and volunteers for continuing ministry in the community.

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