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 Discover Camp

                             Our Largest Evangilistic Event of Each Year

At the end of camp the youth and their parents are invited to church the
following Sunday to celebrate and to help get them connected to a local church. Although camp ends after one week, activities supported by Hope International Ministries continue throughout the year to help keep the youth engaged and also allowing youth leaders to sow seeds of love. 

When camp finally comes, the youth will spend one week having fun and fellowship. Each day they have small group devotions and Bible study. Crafts, swimming, English classes and a group challenge which rounds out the day. In the evenings, all of camp gathers for chapel where the youth sing, present Bible story skits, and listen to a gospel message. 


Each summer Hope International Ministries provides a summer camp for youth. Many of these youth are from local orphanages and area churches. To produce these camps much support is needed. A host of volunteers helps to adequately staff the camp. Groups from the United States and from local, Latvian churches are involved in all aspects of the camp - from preparing meals, to leading Bible studies, teaching the lessons, and organizing recreational activities.


First and foremost Discover Camps are designed to impact lives for Christ. Our goal for camp is to be a vehicle where God's love can be shared with youth through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
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