Our Mission
Bringing the hope of Christ and providing help to the new
generation in Latvia.

Our Story

Hope International Ministries is a 501 (c) (3),
not-for-profit, non-denominational, Christian charity
organization founded by Paul Minakov in 2002. Paul was born
in Siberia, Russia into a Christian family. His father was a
pastor of an underground Baptist church during the communist
regime and was repeatedly arrested, spending almost 20 years
in Soviet prison camps for preaching the Gospel. In 1975,
at the age of 13, Paul went to a children's Christian camp
for the first time, where he opened his heart to Christ.
Since then his sincere desire has been to preach the Gospel
to young people. In time, his whole family moved to Estonia.

At 20 years of age, Paul became a Youth Pastor in the local
church, where he met his wife Luba. When Paul was 23 years
old, he organized the first Baltic area children’s camp and
70 children came. Shortly after this, he was arrested and
spent two and a half years in prison for sharing the Good
News. In 1993, Paul was granted the opportunity to immigrate
to America with his own family.

“In 1998, God gave me the opportunity to visit Estonia where I met children from, lightly put, unfortunate families. My heart was broken, when I've seen their great need for love. The following year a summer camp was organized, where 40 such children came. In a year there were 65 children who came. Then, God opened up a possibility to have similar camp programs in Latvia, where there have been more than 100 children at one camp. And HIM was born.”

After the breakup of the Soviet Union and as a
result of the seismic changes, many lost work, families
broke apart and people lost hope that there would be
anything better. Starvation, drunkenness, crime and
depression have gripped many people. Children have become
disposable, forgotten and useless. The goal of HIM is bring
hope through Jesus Christ to this dying generation and open
the possibility of a new life with Christ.

HIM: Latvia's Childrens Summer Camp

Our goal for camp is to be a vehicle where God's love can be
shared with children through the Gospel of Jesus
Christ not just for a short time, but all year round.

Each summer Hope International Ministries provides a summer
camp for children from Latvia. Many of these children are
from local orphanages and area churches. To produce these
camps much support is needed. A host of volunteers help to
adequately staff the camp. Groups from the United States and
from local churches are involved in all aspects of the camp
from preparing meals, to leading Bible studies, teaching
English lessons, and organizing recreation. When camp
finally comes the children will spend one week of fun and
fellowship. Each day they have small group devotions and a
Bible study. English classes, crafts, swimming, and a group
challenge rounds out the day. In the evenings, all of camp
gathers for chapel where the children sing, present Bible
story skits, and a gospel message. At the end of camp the
children and their parents are invited to Church the
following Sunday. Although camp ends after one week,
activities supported by Hope International Ministries
continue throughout the year. At the end of camp, the
children are invited to attend a weekly AWANA program at one
of the local churches. Volunteers from the local churches
conduct other activities for children during the year
including a Christmas program and Bible studies at the state
schools and orphanages. Of course, many children begin
attending Sunday school and Church each week. This in turn
often brings parents to Church to understand just what has
happened to their children.

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers, you
did for me. Matt. 25:40