Hope International Ministries

Is a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit, non-denominational, Christian charity founded in 2002.

Founder: Paul Minakov

Paul was born in Siberia, Russia into a Christian family. His father was a pastor of an underground Baptist church during the communist regime and was repeatedly arrested, spending almost 20 years in Soviet prison camps for preaching the Gospel. In 1975, at the age of 13, Paul went to a children's Christian camp for the first time, where he opened his heart to Christ. Since then his sincere desire has been to preach the Gospel to young people.

Our location (Liepaja, Latvia)

You are probably wondering at which end of the earth is Liepaja, Latvia?

Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries located near Belarus and Russia. The population is only a few million and about 30% are Russian. The city of Liepaja has about 100,000 residents and was closed to foreigners for the last fifty years during the Soviet occupation because of the Soviet Naval base located there. With the loss of thousands of Soviet Naval personnel and their families, Liepaja changed tremendously.

A large section of the city is deserted and the former military apartment buildings are left derelict. Gone are the Soviet warships and in their place today is a busy commercial seaport.

More importantly the religious situation changed tremendously. Instead of persecution and harassment by the KGB, Christians are free to gather together. Quite a few churches now exist in Liepaja and one called, the “Voice of the Gospel” or “Golos Evangeliya”, is preaching and reaching out to the community.